Read how our technology is powering the future of supplier information management. Download the whitepaper:
Read how our technology is powering the future of supplier information management. Download the whitepaper:

FORGE: Digital Futures

FORGE: Digital Futures 2022

On May 5th, Trust Your Supplier will join the Procurement Foundry community at the FORGE: Digital Futures event. Keeping with the theme of Elevating Procurement to Digital Gamechanger, we’ve invited Dr. Elouise Epstein to share her thoughts on the future of Digital Identity, followed by a lunch and learn on How Trust Your Supplier is Enabling the Future of Digital Identity. 

Register for the event and be sure to bookmark these sessions (12:40pm & 1:10pm EST). We’d love to see you at the Trust Your Supplier booth! 



Trust Your Supplier Whitepaper Download

For Trust Your Supplier, blockchain isn’t just a buzzword. It’s the technology we are using to lead the way from today’s portal-based ecosystem to a true, universally consumable supplier digital identity. 

Download the free whitepaper to learn more about our technology and the many benefits to both procurement organizations and supplier companies. 


Blockchain in Healthcare

Another example of how blockchain solves business problems.  

Blockchain in healthcare has become extremely relevant when it comes to purchasing medical equipment. Fake PPEs were a constant obstacle in obtaining the necessary equipment for hospitals and clinics in 2020 and beyond.  Supplier qualification and supply chain diversification have now become a necessity, with Trust Your Supplier being a “key player in this space.” 

Join us for Sustain 2022, March 14-15

The time for planning and target-setting has long expired. We enter now an era of action, in which organizations have an opportunity to lead and drive change, working together to reshape business models 

As part of our commitment to enabling and connecting sustainable supply chains across the globe, we are thrilled to be a sponsor of EcoVadis’ annual Sustain conference. With #DestinationImpact as the theme, this year’s virtual Sustain will bring together leading voices and thinkers to explore ways to measure and prioritize impact to help build a resilient future.  

Register Now 

Hosting over 3,000 participants from 79 countries in 2021, Sustain is the must-attend event for anyone at the intersection of sustainability and procurement, sourcing, and supply chain. Here’s what you can expect: 

  • Latest trends in business sustainability around decarbonization, emerging regulations, workforce health, diversity in the supply chain and more 
  • Best Practices for sustainable & collaborative supply chain initiatives for positive impact 
  • Networking opportunities with peers and partners 
  • Updates from the EcoVadis leadership team 

Visit the Trust Your Supplier expo booth to learn how we can enable you on your sustainability journey and take part in our virtual Scavenger Hunt! Start finding clues as early as March 7th.. We’ll draw a winner to join us as our guest at Procurement Foundry’s Digital Futures event on May 5th. We look forward to seeing you at Sustain 2022!  

How Blockchain Integration Is Reducing Risk and Uncertainty in Supplier Management

If you’ve turned on the news or scrolled through your Twitter or LinkedIn feeds at some point during the past 12 to 18 months, you’re probably aware of the supply chain issues currently plaguing the global economy. What most average consumers don’t think about, however, is how the huge task of monitoring supplier relationships creates risk and uncertainty in supply chain management. These issues are far less documented than logistical failures or uneven supply and demand, but equally pervasive.  

Barriers to Success 

Modern supplier risk management monitoring is often conducted via an approach that is anything but modern. Risk and compliance personnel generally have fragmented information and untimely updates regarding potential or existing compliance issues.  In turn, procurement leaders rarely have a single unified view of their suppliers in one place. Instead, they must create an aggregated view by piecing together information from multiple reports and disparate sources. 

Procurement organizations often invest significant time attempting to research and understand suppliers before working with them. To support this process, they typically have multiple third-party verifiers, all on different platforms. There’s no standardization across industries pertaining to the questions asked to suppliers, which ultimately means both buyers and suppliers must routinely conduct redundant and unnecessary work. 

These are more than simply annoying obstacles. After all, today’s consumers demand nothing less than full transparencywhen it comes to the origins of the products they purchase and the processes that get those products to their doorsteps. Without complete visibility into their supply base, companies risk losing business, credibility, and more. 

The Promise of Blockchain 

Companies with digital transformation initiativesgenerally have several key goals in mind when undertaking those efforts including serving their customers better. By making blockchain integration a part of their efforts, they put those goals within reach. 

Blockchain is designed to enable trust between two parties. It does this through a variety of features, including a consensus mechanism and a shared, tamper-evident ledger. Once transactions are recorded on the ledger, they’re immutable and cannot be altered. All parties can achieve clear provenance which supports auditing capabilities. 

Chainyard’s Trust Your Supplier (or TYS) platform takes advantage of these and other attributes of blockchain design to enable supplier management in a secure and trusted environment. It provides levels of data security that are simply not possible in regular shared databases, thus reducing vulnerabilities. Relationships between buyers and suppliers are documented comprehensively, as all actions are recorded with time stamps on the blockchain. 

Most enterprise organizations have multiple back-end systems used to manage supplier payments. Trust Your Supplier offersintegrations from system to system, blockchain to blockchain, allowing a seamless experience for procurement teams. 

See What’s Possible 

As part of the Trust Your Supplier network, companies can leverage integrated supplier risk data from industry-recognized validators. Having a single platform with streamlined compliance validations drives clarity and provides better oversight while enabling centralized planning in a more efficient and secure way. 

TYS’s artificial intelligence-powered tools provide continuous real-time updates on suppliers and can be set to alert compliance teams to any changes based on configurable rules. Moreover, suppliers can provide real-time updates to reflect changes to their business, which ultimately reduces the burden on procurement teams to ensure data is complete and accurate. 

As the TYS network evolves, the platform’s utility will continue to expand. To see where we’re going and to learn more about how Trust Your Supplier is improving supplier management today, visit  

Everest Group’s Enterprise Blockchain Services PEAK Matrix Assessment 2022

Congratulations to our team at Chainyard for climbing the Everest Group’s Enterprise Blockchain Services PEAK Matrix Assessment 2022 ! Among many other projects, Chainyard is the owner and operator of Trust Your Supplier, our blockchain-based supplier information management solution.

Check out the announcement here.

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9 Ways to Know Procurement Has Outgrown Excel 

Microsoft Excel is a great product that has been the mainstay of business data and calculations tools for decades. It’s easily available, considerably stable, and most computer-savvy users can learn it. However, it does have limitations, and as your business grows, you’ll notice some disadvantages when relying solely on Excel. So how can you tell if your procurement department has outgrown Excel and needs a different technology? 

Read more about this topic on the Buyers Meeting Point blog at 

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