Blockchain-Enabled Supplier Information Management

Blockchain is foundational to tomorrow's supply chain. The Trust Your Supplier patented blockchain-based SIM platform is a disruptive innovation preparing organizations for the future. Is your organization future ready?

Conventional systems are open to fraud, error & inefficiency.

    Multiple Databases
Each participant has their own separate database, or ledger — increasing the possibility of human error or fraud

     Lack of Data Security
Shared databases cannot prevent malicious activity. Hacked entities can corrupt or destroy data in the shared database, making it invalid for everyone involved.

    Manual Processes
Often laden with manual processes, resulting in frequent delays and inefficiencies.

    External Validation
Reliance on intermediaries for validation creates inefficiencies.

Blockchain is designed for Trust & Secure Trading.

    Trusted Ledger
Single, shared, tamper-evident ledger — once recorded, transactions cannot be altered

     Single Source
Provides levels of error checking and transaction validity not obtainable in regularly shared databases.

    Clear Provenance
Data is guaranteed to be valid and reconciled against the data held by the others participating on the Blockchain.

    Cryptographic Security
Immutably records all details of a transaction end-to-end, reducing vulnerabilities.