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Trust Your Supplier (TYS) provides one solution for supplier life cycle and risk management across the enterprise, allowing various business divisions to collaborate on risk mitigation, cost reduction, and preparation for ever-changing supply chain regulations.

Our multi-tiered risk management approach, along with our patented blockchain-based SIM system provides supplier discovery, onboarding, risk & compliance management, customized risk scoring, intelligent workflows, approval management, risk intelligence reporting, unparalleled data security, and seamless integrations to other back end and procurement stack technologies.

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a blueprint for the future of procurement and digital transformation.

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The Evolution of Supplier Management (Part 2)

The Evolution of Supplier Management (Part 2)

Winning the Tomorrow War, Today by Gary Storr, General Manager In Part 1, I talked about how this will be the first time your AI technology capability will – through Supplier Digital Identity, “put your organization ahead of future industry demands.” I then emphasized the importance of “laying a universally consumable digital supplier identity foundation” …
Reaping the Value of Value Engineers

Reaping the Value of Value Engineers

by Michelle Armstrong, TYS Global VP of Value Solutions Consultant In the fast-evolving landscape of technology, Value Engineers have emerged as pivotal influencers. Their primary role is to bridge the gap between the intricacies of the technological world and the practicalities of business operations, facilitating the seamless integration of technology systems with business strategies. This …