TYS Integration Partners

Our partners ensure seamless integration between TYS and ERP systems so you can maintain data, process and compliance integrity throughout the platforms.

About BlockSpaces

Blockchain integration. Simplified.  


The future of blockchain integration 

As groundbreaking as the internet, blockchain is a transformational change in business process management. Our workflow automation platform utilizes a library of pre-built integrations to connect everyday business applications with multiple blockchain networks to provide data visibility and efficiencies beyond individual, disparate systems and information silos. Delivered with a code-free interface without requiring significant technical expertise, the BlockSpaces platform is designed for the specific, complex challenges of blockchain business integration.  

About BlockSpaces  

Founded in 2017, BlockSpaces, Inc., is a technology company that provides an integration platform and software for connecting business and blockchain applications and data.  Our vision is a more collaborative, instantaneous, information sharing world where every entity up and down the business value chain transacts with each other in an immutable, trusted manner. 

About Chainyard

Enabling  Your Digital Transformation Journey

Chainyard, a leading Digital Transformation company, with a specific emphasis on decentralized ecosystems, is a dynamic team of technology enthusiasts with the expertise, process, and technology required to develop world-class business and software solutions. With a focus on enterprise use cases, Chainyard is helping companies to navigate blockchain by working with them to identify value, prioritize opportunities and develop solutions.

Chainyard, a Hyperledger Certified Fabric Administrator, is the implementer and operator of the Trust Your Supplier platform which was developed on the IBM Blockchain Platform.