9 Ways to Know Procurement Has Outgrown Excel 

Microsoft Excel is a great product that has been the mainstay of business data and calculations tools for decades. It’s easily available, considerably stable, and most computer-savvy users can learn it. However, it does have limitations, and as your business grows, you’ll notice some disadvantages when relying solely on Excel. So how can you tell if your procurement department has outgrown Excel and needs a different technology? 

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Good Advice From Canda Rozier

One of my favorite parts of each episode of the Procurement Block podcast, is the advice I get from guests. I ask each guest to offer up some advice or a tip that we as listeners can try at work or at home.

During my conversation with Canda Rozier on change management, Canda offered up these words of wisdom:  “Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is inevitable and you have to figure out how to take that failure and turn it into a foundation for future success.”

I really appreciate this encouragement from Canda as I continue to try new things both professionally and personally. What about you? Do you find yourself being afraid to fail or have you found a way to turn past failures into success?

Hear more from Canda Rozier and our discussion on change management here: https://trustyoursupplier.com/procurement-block/s1e6/ 

Business Benefits from Sustainability Practices (Beyond Compliance)

Long-term business benefits from sustainability practices go beyond checking a box for compliance. Our Trust Your Supplier compliance partner, EcoVadis, offers a fascinating read into the “Compliance Trap” and lays out the many benefits of working with your suppliers for true sustainability improvements. 


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New Podcast Episode – Artificial Intelligence

On Trust Your Supplier’s podcast, Procurement Block, we get to hear from the people who are at the forefront of procurement innovation.  

When I think of AI, what comes to mind is the character Jarvis/Vision in the Marvel Universe. While Vision is a sentient being, this is not the only manifestation of artificial intelligence. Edoardo Vignani joins me on the latest episode of the Procurement Block podcast to school me in how AI is being used in procurement today and where it’s headed.

Edoardo is the Marketing Category Vice President for Globality, a company that provides AI-powered Smart Sourcing technology. The episode is out now, so head over to ProcurementBlock.com to listen to our conversation and to view the show notes.