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Learn more. about our SOC 1 & SOC 2 Type 2 certifications.

Trust Your Supplier - General Management

Picture of Sai Nidamarty

Sai Nidamarty

Chief Executive Officer

Picture of Murali Sappa

Murali Sappa

Vice President, Engineering

Picture of Sri Mudunuri

Sri Mudunuri

Chief Financial Officer

Picture of Thomas Loffredo

Thomas Loffredo

Director, Business Strategy

Picture of Gary Storr

Gary Storr

General Manager

Picture of April Harrison

April Harrison

Director, Marketing

Trust Your Supplier - Product Management

Picture of Melissa Hansen

Melissa Hansen

Director, Solution Architect

Picture of Darry Miller

Darry Miller

Director, Client Integration

Picture of Pradeep Jaligama

Pradeep Jaligama

Technical Integration Architect

Picture of Michelle Armstrong

Michelle Armstrong

Director, Customer Engagement

Picture of Rajesh Baskaran

Rajesh Baskaran

Program Management

Picture of Karthik Rama

Karthik Rama

Supplier Engagement Leader

Picture of Mohit Bothra

Mohit Bothra

Director, Partner Integration

Picture of Shyam Charit Adivi

Shyam Charit Adivi

Technical Product Architect

Picture of Nikhil Polavarapu

Nikhil Polavarapu

Business Analytics Manager