Comprehensive Supplier Evaluation

Trust and agility are two key factors for a successful partnership between buyers and suppliers. Procurement organizations are limited by highly manual systems to qualify and validate their suppliers.  Searching through multiple reports on different platforms makes it cumbersome to ensure current, and accurate information.

Trust Your Supplier provides real-time, external updates with continuous monitoring of suppliers, supported through third-party API relationships (including financial crime/risk, adverse media, environmental, sustainability, cybersecurity, etc.) that augment the supplier profile for a holistic view.

TYS removes the “swivel seat” between screens and portals to perform a SWOT analysis and allows for a comprehensive supplier evaluation with integrations from third parties of different risk areas.  The TYS Marketplace offers various license models, including partnerships between third parties.

  Preview Supplier Ratings for Earlier Decision Point

  Continuous Monitoring of Supplier Ratings

  Embedded Third-Party Data

  Smart Attributes for Compliance Activities