Vodafone is inviting their suppliers to transition to Trust Your Supplier as part of their digital strategy. Accepting their invitation will enable you to create a TYS corporate profile: a single global identity that is controlled by you and accessible to all permissioned customers.


  • Trust Your Supplier is a pillar of our digital strategy required by all Vodafone suppliers
  • Improve and expedite Vodafone's supplier qualification, validation, & life-cycle information management


  • Maintaining your identity with TYS accelerates revalidation, qualification & onboarding
  • Publishing your profile eliminates manual repetitive processes with global buyers
  • Your TYS digital identity allows you to securely share your information with other clients on the network
  • TYS digital keys allow you to take the same information you've completed in your TYS profile, and share it with your customers that are currently NOT on the TYS network
  • Enables easy discovery by buyers on the network

TYS Introduction Video

Supplier Identity Control Explained

Your TYS Digital Identity

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