SourceConnecte is transitioning to TYS for Supplier Information Management

SourceConnecte offers selected suppliers an invitation to join Trust Your Supplier as part of their digital supply chain and procurement strategy.

Accepting this invitation will enable you to create a TYS corporate profile: a single global identity that is controlled by you and accessible to all permissioned customers.


  • Required by many buyers as a mandatory part of their digital procurement strategy
  • Improve and expedites your ongoing engagement with SourceConnecte buyers and other suppliers
  • Broadens marketplace visibility of your company as an established and trusted supplier to Top Fortune 50 buyer


  • Maintaining your identity with TYS accelerates revalidation, qualification & onboarding
  • Publishing your profile eliminates manual repetitive processes with global buyers
  • Your TYS digital identity allows you to securely share your information with other clients on the network
  • TYS digital keys allow you to take the same information you've completed in your TYS profile, and share it with your customers that are currently NOT on the TYS network
  • Enables easy discovery by buyers on the network

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