KYC SiteScan is a Know Your Customer tool that automates the time consuming process of gathering business information about suppliers to determine their suitability for onboarding or an ongoing relationship.


KYC Systems is a technology company focused on providing KYC SiteScan, an automated Know Your Customer (KYC) automation service, for businesses that need to perform KYC due diligence on other businesses including suppliers, merchants, and vendors. KYC SiteScan is unique in its feature set, which closely automates many of the manual processes and tasks risk professionals perform and frees them to focus on good onboarding or monitoring decisions.

KYC SiteScan helps clients:

  • Validate a supplier’s business legitimacy, including Secretaries of State lookups
  • Determine a supplier’s areas of business in plain English, not cryptic and generalized industry codes
  • Learn other buyers’ and clients’ opinions of suppliers’ offerings and client service levels
  • Crawl and review a supplier’s website for risk:
  • Policy disclosure detection (privacy, terms of service, refund, contact us)
  • Representative samples of products and services captured for review
  • High-risk words and phrases flagged (configurable)
  • Website metrics including traffic and suspicious patterns
  • Review supplier’s social media ranking and reviews
  • Uncover compliance, legal, and reputational risks a supplier may not disclose
  • Understand if a supplier meets a buyer’s risk tolerance
  • Perform common KYC tasks such as OFAC SDN screening, legal and governmental complaints review

KYC SiteScan common use cases:

  1. Initial Supplier/Vendor Onboarding and Underwriting
  2. Periodic Supplier/Vendor review and management
  3. Fraud Forensics

KYC SiteScan has a special ability to perform KYC on small businesses and sole proprietorships where standard information about a supplier may be scarce.

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