The TYS Marketplace provides integrated solutions from partners to ensure supplier data credibility, provide actionable insights, and streamline the qualification & onboarding process.

To help you understand how it works, we’ve pulled together a list of the most common questions we get from our buyers and app partners.

If your question isn’t on this list, please feel free to email us at [email protected].. We’ll do our best to answer it and update this page.

TYS Marketplace FAQ

The Marketplace offers key verifier applications that deliver actionable insights to effectively manage supplier onboarding within various areas such as sustainability, diversity, financial risk management, sanction screening, etc. It also provides a variety of tools to improve operational efficiency.
The Marketplace provides a variety of ready-built, customizable apps covering all mission-critical priorities from financial risk management to sustainability to sanction screening, etc. Most importantly, you can get started quickly with simple installations that don’t require additional IT support. View descriptions of current apps on our Partner Offerings page.
The default view on the Marketplace neatly groups apps into one or more of the most common industry-standard categories. These range from Screening and Sanctions to Data Validations and Financial Risk Indicators. Your view can be narrowed down by using several app filters or the app name search.
While we cannot create a new category specifically for you, we will advise on why we have added an app to a particular category.
Information is shared in the context of a buyer, so that a third party is only able to access your data if a buyer that you are in a relationship with has opted into their services.
Each verifier manages its rating differently depending on its specialty, region, and category. We have added a support section to each app panel to guide you through their scoring.
Each app offers capabilities to support localization requirements; please refer to the individual app support documentation or the verifier’s website.
There is no cost, nor any hidden cost to use most apps; almost all offer a free service. You can install and explore apps, and if you like the insights provided you can purchase a subscription for more robust information or services.
Absolutely, we have a “Bring Your Own License” model for most apps. When apps with this functionality are enabled, you can key in your license credentials and begin using them.
Your credentials are encrypted. No one except you will have visibility, so the information is safe and secured.
Please contact your business partner representative to validate your credentials. If they still do not work, please contact [email protected].
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