About IBM B2B Commerce for Procurement

IBM B2B Commerce for Procurement is a new invitation-only network that allows sellers to offer products and services to IBM and participating enterprise clients on a common platform.

IBM B2B Commerce for Procurement is a digital network that connects relevant Buyers and Sellers to address tail and tactical spend. It is a revolutionary new private B2B network to buy and sell products and services with access to a broader network of sellers and curated content.

It includes only pre-established, vetted, and managed supplier relationships with enriched, relevant, and competitive content,- It provides a superior user experience with procurement controls that increase spend under management and compliance. And, it offers powerful AI-driven features for content governance with customized views for analytics and insights.

Welcome to IBM B2B Commerce for Procurement

About IBM B2B Commerce and Trust Your Supplier (TYS)

Trust Your Supplier (TYS) has been specifically chosen by IBM B2B Commerce for Procurement to be our blockchain solution designed to improve supplier qualification, validation, onboarding, and life cycle information management. The solution leverages IBM's industry expertise and Chainyard's product capabilities are built on the IBM Blockchain Platform to bring this solution to market. TYS provides an efficient way for buyers and suppliers to exchange information securely, onboard suppliers quickly, and minimize business risk for all concerned by having current information about suppliers for their clients. The initial onboarding process through TYS represents the first crucial step towards becoming a seller on IBM B2B Commerce for Procurement. Visit IBM B2B Commerce for Procurement's website to learn more.

IBM is actively seeking new sellers to join the program. Register today to receive an exclusive invitation from IBM B2B Commerce for Procurement by filling in this form: Seller Inquiry Form.

Specific FAQs about TYS

Learn more here: https://trustyoursupplier.com/for-suppliers/
The initial step in becoming enabled on IBM B2B Commerce for Procurement is the onboarding process on Trust Your Supplier (TYS). If your company already has an existing TYS account, the IBM B2B Commerce for Procurement onboarding team will extend a connection request via TYS. Accepting this request will grant you access to complete our mandatory questionnaires, review our terms and conditions, and allow you to publish your profile for IBM's review.
Acquiring a TYS passport is the first step to joining IBM B2B Commerce for Procurement. Learn more about TYS at https://trustyoursupplier.com/
Tax details, country-specific company registration requirements, and banking information change significantly for most legal entities. IBM and IBM Clients in the IBM B2B Commerce for Procurement network conduct business with specific legal entities. Therefore, each legal entity will have its own TYS profile and registration. TYS has a 'corporate relationship ‘profile function that assists sellers in linking or identifying these relationships.
Once you accepted the B2B C invitation and completed the TYS profile, IBM will perform the supplier vetting. The length of the vetting process may vary on different suppliers and/or countries.

TYS Registration Guidance for IBM B2B-C Invited Sellers