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Trust Your Supplier (TYS)

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BT Sourced

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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Episode Notes

S2E6: Sustainability Strategies to Empower Teams & Suppliers

Discover how businesses are revolutionizing supply chain management with sustainability strategies to empower teams and suppliers. In this episode, we spoke with industry leaders Lazar Armianov from EcoVadis, Melissa Reddy from BT Sourced, and Alyssa Caddle from Thermo Fisher Scientific. Together, they delve into the importance of education, collaboration, and compliance in driving positive change toward a greener future. Explore thought-provoking insights and practical advice to align your organization with sustainability goals.

About Lazar Armianov
Lazar Armianov is the Regional Sales Director, Northern Europe, Middle East & Africa at EcoVadis and has been spearheading the development of EcoVadis in these regions for the last seven years, supporting public and private sector organizations to achieve their sustainable procurement objectives. He has over 18 years of international experience in sustainability and responsible procurement with a focus on business development across all major industry sectors, including financial services, telecoms, and manufacturing. He gained extensive expertise during his time at Gartner, the Carbon Trust, and Sphera. Lazar holds an MSc in European Politics & Governance from the London School of Economics and is fluent in English, French, and his native language Bulgarian. 

About Melissa Reddy
Melissa leads Risk and Sustainability at BT Sourced, based in Dublin, Ireland. Her key focus is on responsible sourcing, managing impacts and risks across their global supply chain, and working together with their suppliers and stakeholders to contribute to a sustainable world. She has her master’s in science degree specialising in Environmental Management and has over 20 years of experience regarding governance, strategic planning, assurance, and managing environmental, human rights, safety, and health risks in both the private and public sectors. 

About Alyssa Caddle
Alyssa Caddle is the Director of Procurement Sustainability for Thermo Fisher Scientific. Her work covers Scope 3 Carbon accounting and reduction efforts, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics & Transparency, and Responsible Sourcing. Prior to life sciences, Alyssa had over a dozen years of corporate sustainability and product compliance in the electronics, manufacturing, and apparel industries. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Engineering Management from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.