Using Data to Drive Purpose in Procurement

Webinar Notes

This session offers valuable insights into how organizations can harness data to strategically understand their supplier relationships to inform operational management of purpose-driven initiatives.   

Through compelling data insights and reporting, Trust Your Supplier (TYS) demonstrates how clarity of what’s happening across an organization’s supply chain along with segmentation can allow for opportunities to pinpoint areas with limited performance.    

This data at the granular level allows for strategic decisions on how to increase compliance across initiatives that align with the organization’s values and objectives. Strategic metrics can drive operational processes and ultimately impact procurement success. 

This session is for anyone looking to transform their procurement function and create a purpose-driven organization that aligns with their values and positively impacts society and the environment. 

Host & Panelists:

Ingerid Sorgaard, Procurement Leaders Senior Events Producer
Gary Storr,
Trust Your Supplier General Manager
Simen Wefald,
BT Sourced Strategy & Enablement Director

The webinar recording is now available for on-demand viewing.

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