Supplier Data: What You Don’t Know Can (And Will) Hurt You

Webinar Notes

Data knowing is a significant and intimidating problem that almost all organizations face, yet they need the data culture and cycles to do something about it. Beyond focusing solely on the consequences of bad or missing supplier data, we have convened a panel of industry experts and thought leaders to closely examine the data challenge from the following three critical points: 1. Data consequence 2. Data culture 3. Centralized planning & supplier oversight data framework

Hosts & panelists include:
Stephanie Werner, SVP of Global Marketing for Trust Your Supplier
Jon Hansen, the Founder and Chief Editor of Procurement Insights
Sai Nidamarty, Cofounder & CEO of Trust Your Supplier
Greg Tennyson, SVP of Strategy and Procurement for Fairmarkit
Tom Redman, President of Data Quality Solutions

The webinar recording is now available for on-demand viewing.

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