Trust Your Supplier will be showcasing our expertise around ever-changing supply chain regulations in a breakout session.  Our team will be available to chat, demo, and answer questions at our booth.

SIG Procurement Technology Summit 2023

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April 17-19; Amelia Island, Florida

Join us on Wednesday, April 19th @ 3:25 PM for our breakout session. Gary Storr, TYS General Manager, will be joined by Paul Ashby of Moody’s Analytics to discuss Preparing for Ever-Changing Supply Chain Regulations.

We will discuss the continual pressure within the supply chain to grow, develop, implement, and enforce mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence requirements across their supply base to meet stakeholder expectations and global or regional legal obligations.  Companies should already be designing and implementing policies and procedures to identify and mitigate adverse impacts.  Some businesses may consider this to be “tomorrow’s problem” given that many legislations globally are still in the development phase. However, the potential reputational damage that a company may suffer if shown to have fallen below the minimum standards now expected is very much today’s problem. 

Stop by our booth anytime to meet our team, enter our raffle, and learn more about TYS’s frictionless solution to expand supplier visibility for agile, resilient, and strategic supplier management.

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Headed to Amelia Island?

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