Consero Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer Forum

March 27-29; Westlake, CA

To effectively manage a large supplier base and all the data that inherently comes with it, organizations need simple, automated processes that allow various business divisions to collaborate on risk mitigation, cost reduction, and preparation for ever-changing supply chain regulations. Collaboration should extend outside of the organization to risk data validators and suppliers who provide quality data in real-time, giving organizations full visibility in current market conditions.

Trust Your Supplier (TYS), guided by several enterprise organizations, was developed to help organizations achieve success with managing internal and external compliance regulations.

Our team would love to meet up with you at this Consero forum to discuss how TYS allows for “glocal” management of regulatory and compliance issues. Please reach out so that we can schedule some time to chat.


Trust Your Supplier’s VP of Advisory Practice, Nick Picone, will be moderating a featured discussion on “Strategies for Successfully Embedding Compliance Into the Business.” Please join us for this session on March 29th at 8:30 am.

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