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TYS Podcast S2E5 – Empowering Equality: Strategies and Insights for Advancing Gender Diversity

In our most recent podcast episode, we had the honor of speaking to Renee Ure, a pioneer in promoting gender equality. With over 25 years of experience in various leadership roles at IBM and Lenovo, Renee brings invaluable insights and experiences to the table.

Renee shares her journey, including the challenges and setbacks she encountered along the way. From defining success metrics to measuring progress through concrete KPIs, she provides practical strategies for promoting gender diversity and inclusion at all levels.

The significance of mentorship, sponsorship, and the role of male allies in driving female empowerment within organizations are also discussed.

We invite you to join us as we explore strategies and insights for advancing gender equality in the workplace. Let’s break down barriers and create a more inclusive future for all.

April Harrison: Shining a Light on TYS and her Team

In the bustling corridors of Trust Your Supplier, amidst the whirlwind of innovation and collaboration, there exists a guiding light, a beacon of inspiration known as April Harrison. Hailing from the heartland of North Carolina, April graces our midst as the Director of Communications and Marketing, a role she embodies with unparalleled grace and unwavering dedication. 

With two precious souls to call her own and a devoted husband by her side, April weaves the tapestry of her life with threads of love, warmth, and boundless compassion. As the caretaker of Trust Your Supplier, she wears many hats with effortless elegance—a shining example of friendship, intellect, and unwavering commitment. 

April’s inquisitive mind and insatiable curiosity are the hallmarks of her character, guiding her on a journey of continuous growth and self-discovery. A mastermind of managing multiple tasks, she navigates the complexities of her role with poise and precision, her arms extending to envelop all those who seek solace and support in her embrace. 

Within the walls of Trust Your Supplier, April’s presence is akin to a gentle breeze on a warm summer’s day—a comforting reminder that no one walks alone. She nurtures her TYS family with the tender care of a devoted mother, ensuring that each member feels valued, heard, and empowered to thrive. 

Despite the challenges that have tested her resolve, April’s indomitable spirit shines brightly, illuminating the darkest of days with her infectious humour, unwavering sensitivity, and unyielding grit. Through the trials and triumphs, she remains steadfast in her commitment to excellence, her enthusiasm undimmed by the trials of uncertainty. 

Beyond the confines of her professional realm, April’s impact extends far and wide, touching the lives of all who are fortunate enough to cross her path. As a beacon of hope and inspiration, she leads by example, her weekly aerobics classes a testament to her unwavering dedication to community and connection. 

April’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of hard work, perseverance, and adaptability. Thriving in an industry where she had no prior background experience, she fearlessly embraces the unknown, continually challenging herself to stay ahead of the curve and lead her team to new heights of success. 

To our esteemed leader, confidante, and friend—April Harrison—we extend our deepest gratitude for the light you bring into our lives. Your unwavering commitment, boundless compassion, and unyielding determination inspire us all to reach for the stars and never settle for anything less than greatness. 

Fatima Lacanlale: Empowering Teams and Inspiring Growth

In the dynamic world of business development and sales operations, Fatima Lacanlale stands out as a beacon of inspiration and leadership. With a career trajectory shaped by determination, resilience, and a passion for empowering others, Fatima’s journey from her roots in the Philippines to her current role as Global Head of Business Development at TYS is nothing short of remarkable. 

At Trust Your Supplier (TYS), Fatima plays a pivotal role in driving the business development team’s global initiatives while spearheading sales enablement and operations. Collaborating closely with the Chief Revenue Officer, account executives, marketing professionals, and business development representatives, she orchestrates strategies to propel the company toward its goals and grow the pipeline. 

Fatima’s path to sales enablement and leadership was forged through her innate love for people and her creative spirit. From her early days in retail to her tenure as a Business Development Representative in the tech industry, she honed her skills in communication and relationship-building. Today, as a leader at TYS, she leverages her expertise, passion for sharing best practices, and commitment to mentorship to nurture her team’s success. 

Behind Fatima’s journey to leadership lies the influence of a mentor who exemplified the qualities of a supportive and empowering leader. Through regular sync-ups, constructive feedback, and growth opportunities, this mentor instilled in Fatima the importance of resilience and continuous learning—a philosophy that continues to guide her leadership approach today. 

Fatima’s success can be attributed to her unwavering determination, insatiable curiosity, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Her ability to navigate challenges, including overcoming barriers of racism early in her career, reflects her resilience and determination to thrive in any environment. Each new opportunity has been a testament to Fatima’s commitment to personal and professional growth.

In the competitive business world, Fatima believes that women bring invaluable qualities such as empathy and preparedness to the table. Her advice to fellow women in business echoes her own journey: embrace mentorship, never stop learning, and remain true to yourself. She also recommends platforms like Chief for learning and networking opportunities.

Despite her demanding schedule, Fatima prioritizes self-care and mental well-being. Daily gym sessions, mindful eating, and regular painting sessions serve as outlets for rejuvenation and creativity. Her passion for painting, cultivated since childhood, not only provides solace but also serves as a reminder of the importance of pursuing passions outside of work.

When it comes to fostering a supportive environment for women in organizations, Fatima emphasizes the significance of compliments, regular syncs, and constructive feedback. By uplifting and empowering one another, women can create a culture of collaboration and growth.

Fatima Lacanlale’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of resilience, mentorship, and self-discovery. As she continues to inspire and uplift those around her, her impact extends far beyond the business realm—it resonates as a beacon of hope and empowerment for women everywhere. 

Empowering Women in Technology: Aparna Amberkar’s Story

Get ready to be inspired by the incredible Aparna Amberkar, the Product Development and Delivery Manager at Trust Your Supplier! She is a powerful player in the tech industry and an innovator and inspiration to women looking to enter this field. 

Since her early days, Aparna has had a love for math that fuels her passion for technology. This love only grew stronger when she graduated from college with a focus on software development. Starting her career as a web developer, Aparna’s passion for blockchain and product development led her to her current position at Trust Your Supplier, where she plays a critical role in converting business requirements into actionable tasks for her team to implement. 

Throughout her career, Aparna has had to take a few breaks and switch gears, which has helped her achieve both her personal and professional goals. For instance, when her children were born, Aparna took a break from her career to focus on motherhood. Later, she switched from being a developer to a project manager. Her unique journey demonstrates the importance of being flexible and adaptable not only in your career but also in your life. 

Aparna is an outstanding leader, managing five global teams spanning India, the United States, and Vietnam, each with its own goals. She meets with each of them daily to discuss objectives, activities, problems, and solutions. Managing a global team has its challenges, but Aparna says it allows her to learn about different cultures and connect with people from various backgrounds. She even has Vietnam on her bucket list to visit one day! 

As a woman in the technology industry, Aparna is keenly aware of the challenges that women face in the field. One of the significant challenges she sees is the lack of women in leadership positions. Aparna believes that having more women in these roles is crucial to providing role models and mentorship opportunities for younger women. Companies should proactively recruit and retain women in technological roles by providing multiple opportunities, flexible work arrangements, and equal pay. 

Aparna’s journey is a testament to the importance of hard work, perseverance, and adaptability. Let’s celebrate the contributions of women like Aparna, who are paving the way for future generations of women in technology. So, if you’re a woman interested in technology, take inspiration from Aparna and never give up on your dreams. With hard work, dedication, and a passion for technology, you too can make a mark in this field!  

Melissa Hansen, Technology and Business Translation Extraordinaire

Melissa Hansen’s entire career has been spent in that “space between” business and technology, acting as an interpreter and translator between the two disciplines. 

Melissa started her journey in business operations at Nortel during high school vocational training and eventually moved toward the IT side, where she has been ever since. She is currently the Client Integration Director and Solution Architect at Trust Your Supplier, a blockchain-based platform that helps to simplify and accelerate supplier onboarding, validation, and lifecycle information management for businesses. She started with the company on the client integration team and has since floated between managing clients, developing the TYS platform, and fulfilling executive tasks – helping bridge the divide between business and technology. 

Melissa credits the success of her career to finding ways to utilize her talents to best help whatever team she finds herself on. And although she has not experienced the glass ceiling in tech personally, she acknowledges its existence. She knows that she is lucky to have always worked with incredibly supportive male and female leaders throughout her career and that this is not the case for everyone.  

When asked about the future of women in the tech industry, Melissa has high hopes. She sees the role of women in the tech industry evolving in the next 5-10 years because she thinks that by encouraging young girls to pursue STEM programs, we can help build an even better, more inclusive workplace in the future. “Women bring so much value to the table in the tech industry,” said Melissa, “including a collaborative leadership mindset that implements respected ideas from all levels of an organization across diverse teams.” 

Melissa Hansen serves as an inspiration to all women in the tech industry. Her dedication to her craft, hard work, and ability to thrive in a male-dominated industry is a testament to the perseverance and talent of women everywhere. As we continue celebrating Women’s History Month, let us remember the importance of recognizing the achievements of women like Melissa, who pave the way for the next generation of female tech leaders. 

Trust Your Supplier’s Michelle Armstrong Featured in CIO Business World

Exciting News! Trust Your Supplier (TYS) is proud to announce that Michelle Armstrong, our Global VP of Value Engineering, has been featured in CIO Business World for her insightful article on Scope 3 emissions!

Scope 3 emissions, a critical aspect of greenhouse gas accounting, pose unique challenges for organizations. Michelle explores key factors such as voluntary vs. mandatory reporting, standards and protocols, and the growing pressure from investors and stakeholders to address these emissions.

Check out the full blog to gain insights into:
Voluntary vs. Mandatory Reporting
Standards and Protocols
Investor and Stakeholder Pressure
Sector-Specific Guidelines
Local and National Regulations
Integration with Broader ESG Goals


One Woman, Three Companies, Graceful Leadership: Meet Sri Mudunuri

Managing one global business in an ever-changing world is tough enough but managing three?! Now, that requires nearly superhuman leadership skills.  

Meet Sri Mudunuri, the co-founder of IT People Corporation, Chainyard, & Trust Your Supplier, who has been making a name for herself in the technology, staffing, and services industries. With 23 years of experience in the staffing and services industry and her desire to provide an end-to-end solution for her customers, Sri was moved to co-found Trust Your Supplier. Her motivation to become a leader stemmed from two female trailblazers, Indira Gandhi and Jayalalithaa, who played a significant role in shaping the future state of India. From a business perspective, Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo’s former CEO, and chairperson is Sri’s inspiration. 

Apart from being a co-founder, Sri also plays multiple roles in the organizations she leads. As a CFO, she manages financial activities and ensures the balance sheet lines up. As a President, she is responsible for board meetings, compliance with state and federal laws, and managing certifications from organizations such as WBENC and NMSDC.  In addition to all this, she also manages the staffing side of the business, Workforce Solutions, and keeps the recruitment team on their toes. 

The most significant obstacle Sri has faced in her career is proving herself to get the respect she (and all women) deserve. She noted that women must do more to get the same respect as men with the same title. But Sri’s persistence, ability to not take things personally, and work with trusted partners have helped her succeed. 

Sri’s advice to women who aspire to become leaders is simple: follow your dreams, be decisive, and don’t be afraid to make tough decisions. Sometimes conversations and decisions are tough, but we’re tougher.  

Let’s continue celebrating women’s history month by empowering and inspiring women to be anything and everything they want. 

Breaking Barriers: TYS’s Michelle Armstrong, Global VP of Value Engineering

In 2023, women are defying expectations and shattering glass ceilings 👏 every 👏 single 👏 day. And Michelle Armstrong is a prime example of this. Michelle, who hails from Ireland, is the Global VP of Value Engineering at Trust Your Supplier, a position that requires her to excel in building strong relationships with clients, colleagues, and partners. And excel she most certainly does.

When you meet Michelle, it’s easy to see why she was chosen for this role. Her kind and intuitive nature makes her an expert in understanding and connecting with others. Her ability to know the minute details of all her customers’ schedules is a testament to her excellent organizational skills and attention to detail. It’s no wonder she’s been so successful in building strong relationships with people from all walks of life.

At Trust Your Supplier, Michelle leverages her exemplary change management skillset to analyze issues, devise continuous process improvements, and incorporate business process initiatives to increase efficiency and streamline operations. She excels in building strong relationships with clients and third-party vendors and is highly skilled in translating their business needs into key features for our product development team.

But Michelle’s success is not just about her skills and experience. It’s also about her determination and resilience in the face of adversity. She grew up in a society that expected women to marry farmers and take care of the home. Yet, she refused to be held back by these expectations and chose to follow her own path, which has taken her all over the world. Michelle is a role model for women everywhere, showing that it’s possible to have a successful career while also prioritizing family and personal relationships.

Despite her busy schedule, Michelle has been married to her husband for 30 years and has gracefully raised strong, independent, and humble children while traveling around the globe. She embodies the idea that balancing personal and professional life is possible while excelling in both.

In a world where women are still fighting for equality, Michelle’s success is a shining example of what’s possible. She proves that with determination, resilience, and a willingness to break through societal expectations, women can achieve anything they set their minds to. We can’t wait to see what she’ll accomplish next.

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