Fatima Lacanlale: Empowering Teams and Inspiring Growth

In the dynamic world of business development and sales operations, Fatima Lacanlale stands out as a beacon of inspiration and leadership. With a career trajectory shaped by determination, resilience, and a passion for empowering others, Fatima’s journey from her roots in the Philippines to her current role as Global Head of Business Development at TYS is nothing short of remarkable. 

At Trust Your Supplier (TYS), Fatima plays a pivotal role in driving the business development team’s global initiatives while spearheading sales enablement and operations. Collaborating closely with the Chief Revenue Officer, account executives, marketing professionals, and business development representatives, she orchestrates strategies to propel the company toward its goals and grow the pipeline. 

Fatima’s path to sales enablement and leadership was forged through her innate love for people and her creative spirit. From her early days in retail to her tenure as a Business Development Representative in the tech industry, she honed her skills in communication and relationship-building. Today, as a leader at TYS, she leverages her expertise, passion for sharing best practices, and commitment to mentorship to nurture her team’s success. 

Behind Fatima’s journey to leadership lies the influence of a mentor who exemplified the qualities of a supportive and empowering leader. Through regular sync-ups, constructive feedback, and growth opportunities, this mentor instilled in Fatima the importance of resilience and continuous learning—a philosophy that continues to guide her leadership approach today. 

Fatima’s success can be attributed to her unwavering determination, insatiable curiosity, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Her ability to navigate challenges, including overcoming barriers of racism early in her career, reflects her resilience and determination to thrive in any environment. Each new opportunity has been a testament to Fatima’s commitment to personal and professional growth.

In the competitive business world, Fatima believes that women bring invaluable qualities such as empathy and preparedness to the table. Her advice to fellow women in business echoes her own journey: embrace mentorship, never stop learning, and remain true to yourself. She also recommends platforms like Chief for learning and networking opportunities.

Despite her demanding schedule, Fatima prioritizes self-care and mental well-being. Daily gym sessions, mindful eating, and regular painting sessions serve as outlets for rejuvenation and creativity. Her passion for painting, cultivated since childhood, not only provides solace but also serves as a reminder of the importance of pursuing passions outside of work.

When it comes to fostering a supportive environment for women in organizations, Fatima emphasizes the significance of compliments, regular syncs, and constructive feedback. By uplifting and empowering one another, women can create a culture of collaboration and growth.

Fatima Lacanlale’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of resilience, mentorship, and self-discovery. As she continues to inspire and uplift those around her, her impact extends far beyond the business realm—it resonates as a beacon of hope and empowerment for women everywhere. 

TYS Podcast S2E1- Navigating Supply Chain Risks

In the ever-evolving landscape of procurement, understanding and mitigating risks have become paramount for businesses seeking sustained success. In the inaugural episode of “TYS Lunch & Learn,” hosted by Fatima Lacanlale, Nick Picone, VP of Advisory Practice at Trust Your Supplier, sheds light on critical aspects of digital transformation, supply chain dynamics, and the future of how to mitigate risk in procurement. 

Unlocking the World of Risks:
Nick, a seasoned professional with nearly two decades of experience in the business software industry, delves into the intricacies of supplier risks, particularly focusing on financial vulnerabilities. With companies facing historic acceleration in interest rates, small and medium-tier suppliers are grappling with financial stress. The result? A significant increase in bankruptcies, posing a substantial threat to supply chain continuity. 

Nick emphasizes the need for organizations to grasp the impending challenges, with $4 trillion of debt expected to roll over at much higher rates in the next four years. Small and medium-tier suppliers, often crucial to a company’s operations, are likely to bear the brunt. To address this, businesses must act swiftly, collaborating with suppliers to mitigate risks or exploring alternative sourcing strategies. 

The Power of Visibility and Clean Data:
A recurring theme in the conversation is the importance of visibility and clean data. Nick asserts that clean, segmented data forms the foundation for achieving comprehensive visibility across the supplier base. The ability to augment this data with real-time insights from third parties and take actionable steps is essential.  

Trust Your Supplier (TYS) emerges as a solution that empowers businesses with the agility to navigate these challenges, offering a single, unified platform for data security, governance, and risk management. 

Actionable Steps for a Resilient Future:
Nick provides actionable steps for businesses looking to enhance their visibility and mitigate risks. The key lies in intellectual curiosity and collaboration. Leadership within organizations must engage in internal dialogues and collaborate with external providers like TYS to understand and solve the complex problems associated with procurement risks. The adoption of modern technology, including blockchain platforms, is pivotal in achieving control over data, fostering trust, and ensuring transparency—an approach that Trust Your Supplier advocates. 

In conclusion, this episode underscores the critical need for businesses to proactively address risks in their supply chain. By leveraging technology, fostering collaboration, and staying intellectually curious, organizations can not only navigate the challenges posed by financial uncertainties but also build a resilient supply chain that stands the test of time. Stay tuned for more insights and expert discussions in future episodes of ” Lunch & Learns.”