TYS @BiTA Symposium – June 10th

Chainyard will be highlighting Trust Your Supplier as an important and timely use of blockchain.  Register for this free, virtual event.

BiTA is a leading member-driven community comprising stakeholders across the transportation, logistics, supply chain, freight, technology, and blockchain arenas.

Join us on June 10th as BiTA members highlight real-world learnings from their use of cutting-edge technology. Projects to be discussed include: 

  • An update on the DLT Labs + Walmart Canada project, the largest industrial blockchain application in the world
  • How Specright empowers Salesforce Blockchain customers to create a trusted supply chain network
  • Trust Your Product & Trust Your Supplier: why Chainyard’s work is more important than ever
  • Ubirch’s COVID-19 testing solutions for transportation companies
  • Pitney Bowes’ blockchain-enabled tracking and chain-of-custody eCommerce PoC
  • Polaris Transportation Group’s FreightLens product using Hyperledger
  • How Routeique is using RECAST to reframe supply chain strategies
  • Why interoperability is essential and what it means for supply chains with the CEO of Agoric
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