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Streamlining Supplier Engagement: The TYS Pre-Check Experience

As many of us prepare for summer holidays, the anticipation of travel often brings to mind the sometimes tedious experience of going through airport security. The long lines and exhaustive checks can turn what should be a seamless process into a frustrating ordeal. This got us thinking about an analogy that perfectly encapsulates the traditional supplier engagement process versus the innovative solution offered by Trust Your Supplier (TYS).

Traditional Supplier Engagement: The Airport Security Experience

⛔ Long Boarding Time

Just as waiting in line at the airport eats into your travel time, onboarding a new supplier can be a lengthy process. Traditional methods involve multiple steps, approvals, and verifications, leading to delays that can impact your project timelines and overall efficiency.

⛔ Redundant Administration

Imagine filling out the same forms over and over again for every trip you take. That’s how repetitive and cumbersome traditional supplier engagement can feel. Suppliers often need to provide the same information to multiple customers, causing unnecessary delays and administrative headaches.

⛔ Tedious Security Checks

The rigorous security checks at the airport, while necessary, can be time-consuming and exhausting. Similarly, traditional supplier vetting processes are thorough but often slow and labor-intensive, requiring extensive background checks, certifications, and compliance verifications.

The TYS Pre-Check: Revolutionizing Supplier Engagement

✔️ Immediate Onboarding

With Trust Your Supplier, the onboarding process is as smooth as breezing through the TYS Pre-Check. Our system significantly reduces the time it takes to get suppliers up and running. Immediate onboarding means no more waiting in line or dealing with prolonged processes.

✔️ AI-Driven Profiles

TYS leverages advanced AI to create comprehensive supplier profiles. These profiles are automatically updated and maintained, eliminating the need for redundant paperwork and ensuring that all information is current and accurate. This automation leads to a more streamlined and efficient engagement process.

✔️ Pre-Certified, Ready-to-Do-Business

Just like having a TSA Pre-Check status gets you through security faster, our pre-certified suppliers are ready to do business right away. Suppliers in the TYS network have their information and questionnaires completed, so you can confidently engage with them without the usual delays and uncertainties.

Experience the Difference with Trust Your Supplier

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional supplier engagement and hello to streamlined efficiency with Trust Your Supplier. Our blockchain-based solution ensures daily monitoring, and historical, predictive, and prescriptive risk insights, enabling trusted data exchange and workflow automation beyond traditional boundaries.

Enjoy a seamless and efficient process that keeps your business moving forward. Safe travels to all!


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