International Zero Waste Day

Tomorrow, March 30, is the International Day of Zero Waste—a time to consider the significant challenge of global waste production. Did you know? Every year, humanity generates between 2.1 and 2.3 billion tons of municipal solid waste, posing a severe threat to the health and sustainability of our planet.
Here at TYS, we are dedicated to helping organizations turn the tide against this crisis. Our team has shared ways in which they work toward zero waste, including:
    • Replant gifted potted plants so they can grow and flourish for years to come
    • Sew cloth napkins and paperless towels that they use to replace one-item use napkins and paper towels
    • Use glass or aluminum straws instead of plastic ones
    • Use bar soap instead of liquid soap that comes in plastic containers
    • Take reusable totes to the store for shopping
Our TYS solution and approach goes beyond supplier management; it’s about empowering businesses to align with their sustainability goals and make real change happen. Through our advanced blockchain-based solution, we promote ESG accountability, driving collaborative efforts toward a greener future.
This #ZeroWasteDay, let’s come together to support a more sustainable world. Explore how TYS tools can enhance corporate responsibility initiatives.  Learn more about the International Day of Waste.

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