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Enhancing Transparency and Reliability in the Food Manufacturing Supply Chain

Ensuring the highest standards of transparency and reliability in the food manufacturing supply chain is paramount. Consumers today are more conscious than ever about where their food comes from and how it’s produced. Every step in the supply chain needs to be meticulously monitored from farm to table to ensure safety, quality, and compliance. Trust Your Supplier (TYS) offers a cutting-edge blockchain-based solution that transforms supplier and risk management for food manufacturers, ensuring unparalleled transparency and reliability.

The Challenge: Complexity and Risk in the Food Supply Chain
Food manufacturing companies face a unique set of challenges in their supply chains. With numerous suppliers, from farmers to packaging companies, the complexity is immense. This complexity often leads to issues such as: 

  • Lack of Visibility: Difficulty in tracking supplier information and credentials 
  • Compliance Risks: Ensuring all suppliers adhere to food safety regulations and standards 
  • Inefficiencies: Manual processes can lead to errors and delays
  • Risk Management: Predicting and mitigating risks related to supplier reliability

The TYS Solution: Blockchain-Based Supplier Information Management

Trust Your Supplier addresses these challenges head-on with our innovative blockchain-based platform, providing a single source of truth for supplier information and updates. Here’s how TYS enhances transparency and reliability in the food manufacturing supply chain: 

  1. Immutable Records and Transparency: Blockchain technology ensures that every update or change to supplier information is immutable, meaning it cannot be altered or deleted. This immutability guarantees that all information about suppliers is accurate and tamper-proof, providing complete transparency to food manufacturers.
  2. Comprehensive Supplier Profiles: TYS supplier profiles are owned by each supplier, and firmographics are aggregated with risk intelligence data. These profiles are continuously updated with real-time data, ensuring food manufacturers have the most current information to make informed decisions. This comprehensive visibility helps identify and mitigate risks before they become issues.
  3. Enhanced Compliance and Approval Workflows: With TYS, food manufacturers can automate compliance checks and approval processes. TYS approval workflows streamline validating supplier information and compliance documents.
  4. Real-Time Monitoring and Updates: TYS offers real-time monitoring of supplier information, including risk data and updates to firmographics or documents such as certifications and tax documents. This ensures that food manufacturers are always aware of the current status of their suppliers and can react swiftly to any changes.
  5. Predictive and Prescriptive Insights: Leveraging advanced analytics, TYS reports provide insights into potential risks within the supply chain. By analyzing historical data and trends, users can mitigate these risks to maintain a steady and reliable supply chain.
  6. Efficient and Trustworthy Data Exchange:  By using a distributed ledger, all parties have access to the same information in real-time, reducing misunderstandings and errors. This transparency fosters trust and collaboration among suppliers and internal stakeholders. 

Use Case: Streamlining Supplier Management

Consider the scenario where a food manufacturing company sources ingredients from multiple suppliers. With TYS, each supplier’s information, including compliance questionnaires, certifications, and risk assessments, is recorded on the blockchain. As suppliers update their documents or firmographics, TYS provides real-time alerts to the food manufacturer, ensuring they always have the most up-to-date information to make informed decisions. 

Maintaining transparency and reliability in the food manufacturing supply chain is not just a regulatory requirement but a critical differentiator. Trust Your Supplier provides a reliable blockchain-based solution that helps food manufacturers manage compliance checks, real-time monitoring, and supplier information effectively. By offering comprehensive supplier profiles and streamlined approval workflows, TYS supports food manufacturers in confidently managing their supplier relationships.  

Reach out to discuss how you can enhance the integrity and efficiency of your supply chain with TYS.


Accelerating Supplier Pre-Qualification with Trust Your Supplier

In the realm of procurement, time is a precious commodity. According to McKinsey*, it typically takes three months to complete a single supplier search, with a sourcing professional dedicating over 40 hours of work—often only managing to consider a few dozen suppliers from a pool of thousands. This statistic underscores the inefficiency and frustration inherent in traditional supplier pre-qualification processes. 

At Trust Your Supplier (TYS), we recognize these challenges and have designed our platform to streamline and enhance supplier pre-qualification, allowing businesses to operate more efficiently and make informed decisions swiftly. 


The TYS Advantage

Premarket Analysis with Pre-Populated Data One of the key features of TYS is the integration of pre-populated firmographics by the supplier and risk data, along with verified and accurate contact details. This comprehensive database provides procurement professionals with essential information upfront, significantly reducing the time spent on initial research and data gathering. 

Swift Qualification & Verification With TYS, users can quickly move through the qualification and verification steps necessary for onboarding suppliers. Our platform facilitates thorough market analysis before onboarding tasks begin, enabling companies to identify potential suppliers that meet their criteria early in the process. This upfront analysis ensures that only the most suitable suppliers are considered for further evaluation, eliminating unnecessary effort and costs associated with onboarding unqualified candidates. 

Informed Decision-Making By providing more information at your fingertips upstream, TYS empowers procurement teams to make informed decisions about whether to proceed with onboarding a particular supplier. This early determination helps to minimize the time and resources spent on suppliers that may not ultimately meet the organization’s needs. 

Realizing the Benefits 

The advantages of using TYS for supplier pre-qualification are manifold: 

  • Efficiency: Reduce the time required to identify and qualify suppliers, allowing your team to focus on strategic tasks. 
  • Cost Savings: Lower the costs associated with the onboarding process by eliminating unqualified suppliers early. 
  • Risk Mitigation: Access to accurate risk data helps in identifying potential issues before they become problematic. 
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Our platform fosters better collaboration between sourcing professionals and suppliers, ensuring a smoother onboarding process. 

By leveraging TYS, your organization can streamline procurement operations and build stronger, more reliable supply chains. 

*Source: McKinsey & Company 

Beyond Technology: How Trust Your Supplier Delivers Real Business Value Through Collaboration

Technological advancements are often hailed as the ultimate game-changers. However, as Jim Mason aptly put it, “Technology is just… well… technology. It delivers value only through real business systems engineering.” At Trust Your Supplier (TYS), we understand this principle profoundly. While our innovative blockchain-based solution is a cornerstone of our offering, the true essence of our value proposition lies in our collaborative approach with clients and our robust business system engineering. 

The Power of Blockchain Technology
Blockchain technology is undoubtedly transformative. Its immutability, transparency, and security features have the potential to revolutionize supplier and risk management. By leveraging blockchain, TYS ensures daily monitoring and provides historical, predictive, and prescriptive risk insights. This enables trusted data exchange and workflow automation that extends beyond traditional boundaries. 

However, blockchain alone is not enough. The real business value emerges when this technology is seamlessly integrated into an ecosystem that addresses the specific needs and challenges of our clients. 

Collaboration: The Heart of TYS
At TYS, we believe collaboration is the key to unlocking the full potential of technology. From the outset, our approach has been to work closely with our clients, understanding their unique pain points and business objectives. This partnership goes beyond mere consultation; it is a co-creative process where the TYS team and our clients come together to define and refine the right solutions. 

Jim Mason’s observation resonates deeply with our ethos: “There was a clear business value opportunity in the market. The TYS team and their clients came together collaboratively to define the right solution that delivers value.” This collaborative spirit ensures that the solutions we develop are not only technologically advanced but also practically applicable and tailored to deliver tangible business outcomes. 

Business System Engineering: Bridging Technology and Value
Our emphasis on business system engineering bridges the gap between cutting-edge technology and real-world value. Business system engineering involves a holistic approach to designing and optimizing business processes and systems. It requires a deep understanding of the interplay between technology, people, and processes. 

At TYS, we bring this expertise to the table, ensuring that our blockchain solution is integrated into the broader business context of our clients. This integration is critical for achieving operational efficiency, risk mitigation, and strategic advantage. Our clients benefit from streamlined supplier management processes, enhanced transparency, and data-driven decision-making capabilities. 

We are committed to delivering real business value that goes beyond technology. Our blockchain-based solution is a powerful tool, but it is our collaborative approach and expertise in business system engineering that truly sets us apart. By working closely with our clients and understanding their unique needs, we co-create solutions that drive efficiency, transparency, and strategic growth. 

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, it is this human-centric approach that ensures our clients stay ahead of the curve and realize the full potential of their investments. Trust Your Supplier is not just about technology; it is about delivering value through innovation, collaboration, and engineering excellence. 


Embracing Innovation in Telecommunications: Enhancing Digital Agility

by Michelle Armstrong, TYS Global VP of Value Engineering

In today’s fast-paced telecommunications industry, innovation and digital agility are key drivers of success. As companies strive to keep up with rapid technological advancements and ever-changing customer demands, a reliable and efficient supply chain becomes more critical. 

Digital agility refers to the ability of an organization to rapidly adapt to changes, implement new technologies, and respond to market demands with speed and efficiency. For telecommunications companies, this means being able to quickly roll out new services, upgrade infrastructure, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Achieving this level of agility requires a robust and flexible supply chain that can keep pace with the industry’s dynamics. 

Several innovative solutions are emerging to help telecommunications companies enhance their supply chain management and improve digital agility. These solutions leverage advanced technologies such as blockchain, data analytics, and automation to create transparent, efficient, and resilient supply chains. 

Enhanced Transparency and Trust: Advanced technology can create immutable records of supplier information, ensuring data accuracy and fostering a higher level of trust and collaboration between telecom companies and their suppliers. 

Improved Supplier Verification: Telecom companies can now quickly verify the credentials and compliance of their suppliers, reducing the risk of fraud and non-compliance, and ensuring that only reputable and qualified suppliers are part of the supply chain. 

Streamlined Procurement Processes: Automation tools are transforming procurement processes, from supplier onboarding to performance tracking. This saves time, reduces administrative burden, and allows telecom companies to respond more swiftly to market changes and new opportunities. 

Data-Driven Decision Making: Real-time insights and analytics empower telecom companies to make more informed decisions about their supply chain. This data-driven approach helps identify potential issues before they escalate and uncover opportunities for improvement and innovation.

Real-World Impact: Case Studies of Innovation in Action
Several leading telecommunications companies have already begun to realize the benefits of these innovative solutions. For example, a notable telecom company successfully reduced its supplier onboarding time by 50% and improved overall supply chain efficiency by 30% by implementing advanced supply chain technologies. 

In an industry where innovation and digital agility are paramount, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance supply chain management is crucial. Telecommunications companies that embrace these innovations can streamline their operations, foster stronger relationships with their suppliers, and stay ahead of the curve in delivering exceptional value to their customers. As the telecom landscape continues to evolve, those who adopt advanced supply chain solutions will be best positioned for success. 

Learn more about digital agility and TYS’s blockchain-driven platform to better manage and engage your suppliers.

The Value of Building a Telecom Industry Vertical Around Supplier Management

by Michelle Armstrong, TYS Global VP of Value Engineering

Building a dedicated telecom industry vertical around supplier management can unlock numerous advantages, enhancing data quality, streamlining workflows, and managing risks effectively. Here’s how a unified approach can transform the telecom sector: 

Increased Efficiency for Suppliers
Suppliers often grapple with diverse requirements and processes for each telecom company they serve. A telecom industry vertical standardizes these processes, reducing administrative burdens and enabling suppliers to focus on delivering high-quality products and services. 

Centralized Supplier Data
Creating a centralized repository for supplier information and performance data improves data accuracy and accessibility. This centralization provides telecom companies with a comprehensive view of their suppliers, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency. 

Enhanced Collaboration and Transparency
A unified platform fosters better communication and collaboration between telecom companies and their suppliers. This transparency builds stronger, more reliable relationships, facilitating smoother operations and more effective problem-solving. 

Streamlined Compliance and Risk Management
Standardized supplier management processes ensure consistent compliance with industry regulations and standards. Telecom companies can more easily monitor and manage multidimensional risks, leveraging shared insights and best practices to enhance overall supply chain resilience. 

Cost Savings and Innovation
Reducing redundancies and streamlining workflows can lead to significant cost savings for telecom companies and their suppliers. Additionally, a collaborative industry vertical encourages innovation, enabling suppliers to share and implement new ideas and technologies more effectively. 

At Trust Your Supplier (TYS), we understand the critical importance of a robust telecom industry vertical around supplier management. Our blockchain-based platform ensures seamless data exchange, real-time risk monitoring, and workflow automation. By leveraging TYS, telecom companies can standardize supplier management processes, enhance data accuracy, and foster stronger supplier relationships. Let’s look at how TYS can help you build a robust telecom industry vertical, driving efficiency, innovation, and growth:


Blockchain for Secure and Transparent Supplier Management
Blockchain technology is central to our platform at TYS, providing an immutable ledger for all supplier transactions and data exchanges. This ensures data integrity, security, and transparency across the entire supply chain. Blockchain enables real-time updates and verifiable records, which are crucial for maintaining trust and accountability among telecom companies and their suppliers. 

Extensive Network of Global Qualified Suppliers
Our network includes over 400 million global qualified suppliers, which supports efficient sourcing and initial risk qualification. By leveraging this extensive network, telecom companies can quickly identify and engage with suppliers that meet their specific needs and standards, significantly reducing the time and effort required for sourcing. 

Preventing Supplier Fatigue
A telecom industry vertical can prevent supplier fatigue by addressing shared assessment and firmographic requirements. Instead of completing multiple assessments for different telecom companies, suppliers can provide their information once and share it across the entire vertical. This not only reduces the burden on suppliers but also ensures that telecom companies receive consistent and up-to-date information. 

Building Vertical Compliance Assessments
We build vertical-specific questionnaires that, when updated by suppliers, are shared across their customer verticals. This approach ensures that all telecom companies have access to the latest supplier data, reducing redundancy and improving the efficiency of supplier assessments. By maintaining a shared pool of updated supplier information, telecom companies can streamline their evaluation processes and make more informed decisions. 

Managing Multi-Dimensional Risk
A telecom industry vertical allows for more effective management of multi-dimensional risks. By utilizing a unified platform, telecom companies can monitor financial, operational, and compliance risks in real time, ensuring a proactive approach to risk management. 

Working in Partnership to Address Supply Chain Requirements
Collaboration within a telecom industry vertical promotes a partnership approach to addressing supply chain requirements. Telecom companies and their suppliers can work together to develop solutions tailored to industry-specific challenges, ensuring a more resilient and adaptive supply chain. 

Firmographics and Compliance Regulation
A centralized system improves the ability to track firmographic data and ensure compliance with regulations. Telecom companies can maintain up-to-date information on suppliers, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and minimizing risks associated with non-compliance. 

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Initiatives
A unified platform supports ESG initiatives by providing transparency into supplier practices. Telecom companies can monitor and promote sustainable practices, ensuring that their supply chains align with broader environmental and social goals. 

Building a telecom industry vertical around supplier management offers a myriad of benefits, from enhanced efficiency and innovation to improved risk management and compliance. By partnering with Trust Your Supplier, telecom companies can leverage advanced technologies to create a resilient, efficient, and forward-thinking industry vertical.


World Environment Day 2024: A Call for Global Action on Land Restoration

by Michelle Armstrong, TYS Global VP of Value Engineering and George Coe, Prism Cofounder & Partner

World Environment Day (WED), observed on June 5th every year, is the United Nations’ principal platform for encouraging global awareness and action for environmental protection. This year, the event is hosted by Saudi Arabia, focusing on the crucial themes of land restoration, desertification, and drought resilience.

The 2024 theme underscores the urgency of addressing land degradation, a pressing issue impacting nearly half of the world’s population and threatening global GDP. Land restoration is vital not only for ecological balance but also for the socio-economic well-being of billions of people. The initiative aims to restore one billion hectares of degraded land, which could significantly bolster carbon storage, enhance biodiversity, and improve livelihoods and food security worldwide​ (UNEP – UN Environment Programme)​​ (UNEP – UN Environment Programme).

Geopolitical Context
WED 2024 and its chosen focus are of particular significance as climate issues become a growing component of geopolitical risks to supply chains.

TYS partner, PRISM, a geopolitical risk analysis firm focusing on supply chains, said this was an important event to highlight environmental issues beyond the narrower focus on the energy transition that dominates many supply chain discussions. Extreme weather events continue to cause widespread disruptions in key supply chain locations around the world and issues like droughts and desertification are set to rise even further. Such issues cause disruptions in and of themselves, but can also contribute indirectly to driving geopolitical conflict.

However, PRISM notes that the WED will also act as a forum to collaborate on the policy response in the face of growing regulatory fragmentation that risks causing higher costs and greater disruption risk for supply chains.

For example, EU climate rules impacting supply chains like the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism and the Deforestation Law are already forcing faster climate policy change in countries looking to export to Europe. The differing pace of progress around the world risks forcing supply chain leaders to adjust their footprints or face higher costs.

Global Campaigns and Local Actions
In conjunction with WED, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Saudi Arabia have launched several campaigns to promote land restoration. These efforts are part of a broader strategy to mitigate the triple planetary crisis of climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution. Elizabeth Mrema, Deputy Executive Director of UNEP, emphasized the importance of replanting forests, rewetting marshes, and reviving soils to restore ecosystems and combat land degradation effectively​ (UNEP – UN Environment Programme).

Role of Trust Your Supplier (TYS) and Aggregated Data
Trust Your Supplier (TYS) can play a pivotal role in supporting these global environmental initiatives. By leveraging its platform for supplier information management, TYS can aggregate critical data from various third-party sources to ensure transparency and sustainability in supply chains. Here’s how TYS can contribute:

Data Aggregation and Analysis: TYS can compile data from suppliers worldwide, providing insights into sustainable practices and compliance with environmental standards. This data can be used to monitor progress toward land restoration goals and identify areas needing improvement.

Promoting Sustainable Practices: By verifying and promoting suppliers who adhere to sustainable practices, TYS can encourage more businesses to adopt environmentally friendly methods. This can lead to a significant reduction in practices that contribute to land degradation and deforestation.

Facilitating Global Cooperation: TYS’s platform can serve as a collaborative hub where businesses, governments, and NGOs share data and strategies for land restoration. This collaboration is essential for scaling up efforts to combat desertification and drought resilience globally.

Tracking and Reporting: TYS can provide robust tracking and reporting tools that help organizations measure the impact of their sustainability initiatives. Accurate reporting ensures accountability and helps maintain the momentum of environmental campaigns.

Global Commitments and Future Outlook
Countries worldwide have pledged to restore vast areas of degraded land. If these commitments are fulfilled, the environmental benefits could be enormous. For instance, restoring just 15% of converted lands could prevent up to 60% of expected species extinctions​ (Mirage News). The upcoming UN Convention to Combat Desertification’s Conference of the Parties (COP16) in Riyadh further aligns with this year’s WED theme, aiming to accelerate progress toward these restoration goals​ (UNEP – UN Environment Programme).

World Environment Day 2024 is a pivotal moment for global environmental action, particularly in the realm of land restoration. By uniting under this year’s theme, the international community can make significant strides in reversing land degradation, fostering biodiversity, and enhancing climate resilience. Saudi Arabia’s leadership in this global effort exemplifies the critical role nations must play in safeguarding our planet for future generations. Trust Your Supplier’s data-driven approach can significantly support these efforts, ensuring sustainable practices and facilitating global cooperation for a greener future.

Learn more about our TYS partner Prism.

For more information on World Environment Day and related initiatives, visit the official UNEP website and the World Environment Day campaign site. Join #GenerationRestoration – together, let’s restore & safeguard our land & soil.

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Thumbnail of Employee Spotlight with photo of Jamie Eldredge.

Employee Spotlight: Jamie Eldredge’s Journey in Blockchain Engineering

We are thrilled to spotlight one of our talented blockchain engineers, Jamie Eldredge, and learn from him what it’s like to work in the field of blockchain technology. With over five years of experience at Trust Your Supplier, Eldredge exemplifies the blend of technical expertise and adaptability needed to thrive in this dynamic industry. 

Jamie’s passion for technology began early in his life. Growing up, he was always fascinated by computers. High school career aptitude tests suggested paths like actuarial science or accounting, but the idea of working with spreadsheets all day wasn’t appealing. “Programming offered a perfect blend of something I was good at and something I enjoyed—problem-solving and variety,” he recalls. Jamie Eldredge working at computer.

His decision to venture into blockchain engineering was driven by the technology’s novelty and potential. At a time when blockchain was still an emerging field, it presented a unique opportunity to engage with cutting-edge technology without the constraints of long-established practices. “It was thrilling to dive into a space where pioneering work was still possible,” he reflects. 

For Jamie, the most compelling aspect of his role is the constant variety and challenge it offers. “Every day brings something new,” he explains, highlighting how the dynamic nature of blockchain keeps his work engaging. Whether it’s tackling a new problem, acquiring a new skill, or diving into fresh research, the job is anything but monotonous. 

Jamie Eldredge riding a scooter in the office.Jamie emphasizes that problem-solving and adaptability are crucial skills for a blockchain engineer. Given the technology’s youth, there is a continuous influx of new information and developments. “Being able to critically evaluate situations and devise effective solutions is key,” he says. The ability to adapt and integrate new knowledge reliably ensures that professionals like Jamie stay at the forefront of this rapidly changing field. 

Reflecting on his journey, Jamie offers valuable advice to aspiring engineers: have confidence and persevere. “Life is full of ups and downs, and failures are inevitable,” he notes. However, maintaining confidence in one’s abilities and a steadfast commitment to moving forward are vital to finding success. 

Currently, Jamie’s work is focused on the development side of applications, specifically addressing production bugs and implementation issues. Ensuring that the app is user-friendly and efficient is a top priority. He also works on implementing new features and configurations for clients, continually enhancing the platform’s functionality. 

Jamie wishes more people understood that being a blockchain engineer isn’t about instant solutions. “Things take time, and prioritization is crucial,” he explains. Precision and a methodical approach are essential to achieving the best outcomes in this field. Jamie Eldredge and his collection of rubix cubes

Outside of his professional life, Jamie has a hidden talent for solving Rubik’s Cubes. This interest began as a high school fad but quickly turned into a passion. Over the years, his collection has grown, and he finds solving them to be a relaxing and enjoyable challenge. 

As Jamie continues to explore and contribute to this revolutionary technology, he has now become a mentor to others entering the field. His journey and insights serve as an inspiration, guiding new engineers as they navigate the complexities and opportunities of blockchain. Jamie’s dedication not only advances our projects but also fosters a collaborative and innovative environment at Trust Your Supplier. 

TYS Precheck Blog image

Streamlining Supplier Engagement: The TYS Pre-Check Experience

As many of us prepare for summer holidays, the anticipation of travel often brings to mind the sometimes tedious experience of going through airport security. The long lines and exhaustive checks can turn what should be a seamless process into a frustrating ordeal. This got us thinking about an analogy that perfectly encapsulates the traditional supplier engagement process versus the innovative solution offered by Trust Your Supplier (TYS).

Traditional Supplier Engagement: The Airport Security Experience

⛔ Long Boarding Time

Just as waiting in line at the airport eats into your travel time, onboarding a new supplier can be a lengthy process. Traditional methods involve multiple steps, approvals, and verifications, leading to delays that can impact your project timelines and overall efficiency.

⛔ Redundant Administration

Imagine filling out the same forms over and over again for every trip you take. That’s how repetitive and cumbersome traditional supplier engagement can feel. Suppliers often need to provide the same information to multiple customers, causing unnecessary delays and administrative headaches.

⛔ Tedious Security Checks

The rigorous security checks at the airport, while necessary, can be time-consuming and exhausting. Similarly, traditional supplier vetting processes are thorough but often slow and labor-intensive, requiring extensive background checks, certifications, and compliance verifications.

The TYS Pre-Check: Revolutionizing Supplier Engagement

✔️ Immediate Onboarding

With Trust Your Supplier, the onboarding process is as smooth as breezing through the TYS Pre-Check. Our system significantly reduces the time it takes to get suppliers up and running. Immediate onboarding means no more waiting in line or dealing with prolonged processes.

✔️ AI-Driven Profiles

TYS leverages advanced AI to create comprehensive supplier profiles. These profiles are automatically updated and maintained, eliminating the need for redundant paperwork and ensuring that all information is current and accurate. This automation leads to a more streamlined and efficient engagement process.

✔️ Pre-Certified, Ready-to-Do-Business

Just like having a TSA Pre-Check status gets you through security faster, our pre-certified suppliers are ready to do business right away. Suppliers in the TYS network have their information and questionnaires completed, so you can confidently engage with them without the usual delays and uncertainties.

Experience the Difference with Trust Your Supplier

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional supplier engagement and hello to streamlined efficiency with Trust Your Supplier. Our blockchain-based solution ensures daily monitoring, and historical, predictive, and prescriptive risk insights, enabling trusted data exchange and workflow automation beyond traditional boundaries.

Enjoy a seamless and efficient process that keeps your business moving forward. Safe travels to all!

WTISD thumbnail

Celebrating World Telecommunications Day!

Innovation thrives on collaboration. This #WTISD, we celebrate the power of collective, multi-stakeholder initiatives to drive digital innovation for the prosperity of all. 

At Trust Your Supplier, we’re proud to partner with forward-thinking companies like BT Sourced, who “Source for a better future.”  

“BT Sourced is committed to driving positive change in the telecommunications industry, and our partnership with Trust Your Supplier amplifies our efforts to create a sustainable supply chain for generations to come.” – Cyril Pourrat, CPO, BT Group

Learn more from Melissa Reddy, who leads Risk and Sustainability at BT Sourced, on our podcast, “Sustainability Strategies to Empower Teams & Suppliers”. Watch Now  

Learn more about WTISD 2024

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Dr. Epstein's Spider Map Highlighting TYS

TYS Remains Focused on Innovation and Value

We are thrilled to announce a significant achievement for Trust Your Supplier (TYS) – our continued positioning at the center of Dr. Elouise Epstein’s latest Spider Chart. In a landscape characterized by continual innovation and creativity, TYS stands resiliently at the center, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to excellence in procure tech.

At Trust Your Supplier, we recognize the evolving nature of supplier and risk management within the procurement sphere. Leveraging the transformative capabilities of blockchain technology, our platform offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to optimize supplier relationships and mitigate risks effectively.

Our distinguishing features encompass real-time monitoring, comprehensive historical data analysis, and forward-looking predictive insights. By integrating these elements into our platform, we empower enterprises of varying scales to operate with heightened transparency, efficiency, and risk resilience.

As proponents of progress within the procurement sector, TYS is dedicated to pioneering advancements that redefine industry standards. From empowering mid-sized enterprises to supporting multinational corporations, our blockchain-based solution catalyzes transformative change across diverse organizational landscapes.

Yet, our journey is far from over. With each milestone achieved and accolade earned, Trust Your Supplier remains steadfast in our commitment to driving innovation and fostering positive change within procurement.

We extend our sincerest gratitude to our esteemed partners, stakeholders, and industry peers for your continued support and collaboration. Together, we are forging ahead, challenging conventions, and shaping the future of procure tech with integrity and ingenuity.

Stay informed as we embark on this journey of progress and innovation.