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Celebrating World Telecommunications Day!

Celebrating World Telecommunications Day!

Innovation thrives on collaboration. This #WTISD, we celebrate the power of collective, multi-stakeholder initiatives to drive digital innovation for the prosperity of all.  At Trust Your Supplier, we’re proud to partner with forward-thinking companies like BT Sourced, who “Source for a better future.”   “BT Sourced is committed to driving positive change in the telecommunications industry, …
TYS Remains Focused on Innovation and Value

TYS Remains Focused on Innovation and Value

We are thrilled to announce a significant achievement for Trust Your Supplier (TYS) – our continued positioning at the center of Dr. Elouise Epstein’s latest Spider Chart. In a landscape characterized by continual innovation and creativity, TYS stands resiliently at the center, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to excellence in procure tech. At Trust Your Supplier, …