Empowering Supplier Collaboration: EnergyAustralia's New Partnership with Trust Your Supplier

Welcome to the EnergyAustralia-TYS information page. The Procurement team is delighted to launch EnergyAustralia’s new streamlined third-party risk and supplier management process with the blockchain-based platform Trust Your Supplier (TYS). TYS is an innovative network and forms another pillar in our effort to strengthen our third-party risk management capabilities and achieve our vision to lead and accelerate the clean energy transformation for all, providing reliable, affordable, increasingly cleaner, and sustainable energy for customers.


Trust Your Supplier is a groundbreaking blockchain-based platform specializing in supplier, compliance, and risk management. TYS ensures a meticulous and unalterable record of supplier information based on a supplier digital wallet. This commitment translates into superior data accuracy, empowering us to make well-informed decisions and comprehensively understand potential risks within our supply chain. 


  • Recognize revenue faster by reducing the time to your first transaction
  • Eliminate redundant work and reduce cost
  • Provide your information one time and share it in real time with all your customers on the network
  • Be discoverable across the TYS network, opening doors to new business opportunities with customers who want you as a trusted partner
  • Reduce barriers to entry in new markets, geographies, and industries. Customers know suppliers on TYS are verified, trusted sources

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