Beazley is transitioning to TYS for Supplier Information Management

Beazley is inviting its suppliers to transition to Trust Your Supplier as part of their digital and supplier responsibility strategies. Accepting their invitation will enable you to create a TYS corporate profile: a single global identity that is controlled by you and accessible to all permissioned customers. 


Beazley has decided to use the Trust Your Supplier platform to capture better, more accurate information on their suppliers, making it easier to understand risks and manage their supplier relationships in the long term. 


  • Recognize revenue faster by reducing the time to your first transaction
  • Eliminate redundant work and reduce cost
  • Provide your information one time and share it in real time with all your customers on the network
  • Be discoverable across the TYS network, opening doors to new business opportunities with customers who want you as a trusted partner
  • Reduce barriers to entry in new markets, geographies, and industries. Customers know suppliers on TYS are verified, trusted sources

Frequently Asked Questions

Your TYS Digital Identity

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