• No real-time information updates
  • Multiple reports and different sources to access the information
  • No single image in one single place

How TYS Helps

  • Using TYS (including leveraging 3rd party data providers in the TYS Marketplace) to compare multiple suppliers, evaluate current suppliers, and identify potential challengers using common profile and questionnaire information
  • User can access a single, aggregated view of complete supplier-provided details presented alongside authoritative third-party information. No “swivel seat” between screens and portals to perform a SWOT analysis.
  • User can utilize integrated tools such as Maplecroft to view risk-based information by various parameters including geolocation and technology


  • Real-time market information in one single “shop”
  • Data improvement by integrating different sources in one single “library”
  • Effort reduction in compiling all information from different sources

Roadmap Horizon

  • Library of analytics queries to allow for easy comparison of suppliers on attributes of interest
  • Integration with advanced IBM Watson AI tools for insights and analytics