• Buyer has multiple ERP application that requires integration to and from TYS

How TYS Helps

  • Buyer can create the data to send from Ariba/ERP to TYS – (Job scheduling)
  • Buyer Middleware completes the transformation of data to TYS field names – TYS Data dictionary
  • Rest API call sent to TYS (node JS program or Java or anything else)
  • API wrap around for the pre-validation and bulk upload of suppliers– 1st initial received API into TYS (JSON or XML)
  • 6 API for buyer –Supplier relationship, including bank account details
  • Integration webinar to support initial set up
  • 3rd party licensed information can be sent through API
  • Single Sign-on


  • Fast, flexible & stress-free Integration to any ERP
  • Rapid time to value for customers, their employees, and suppliers

Roadmap Horizon

  • Fully integrated application, offering a comprehensive tactical and strategic application
  • Automation of processes