• The way Buyer is requesting and receiving data is not secure (example: Bank information is not received through a secure channel and not executing additional validations)
  • No constant monitorization of supplier information
  • The data accuracy is the responsibility of the respective category manager and the time spent is too high and unproductive

How TYS Helps

  • TYS AI tools provide real-time, continuous, external AI updates on suppliers
  • Up-to-date and accurate information, any changes are alerted to the buyers based on configurable rules
  • Evolving third party attributes augment the supplier profile for a holistic view
  • Reduces the effort of the category manager as the responsibility of the data update is inputted to the supplier


  • Ensure existing supplier data is maintained, updated, and accurate
  • Provide market, media, and other external narratives and commentary to constantly monitor news regarding supplier
  • Document Management - Expiry Notifications to Buyer/Supplier

Roadmap Horizon

  • Liaison Management
  • Revalidation and Republishing
  • TYS re-verifies the data provided by ecosystem partners at regular intervals
  • Depending on Governance Board direction, additional features related to SRM may be added to the Roadmap