What is a corporate group in TYS?

The Corporate Relationships feature allows you to add business entities from your organization to your Corporate Group. You can invite any entity you have a corporate relationship with to be a part of your group. Benefits to invitees include discoverability on the TYS network and the ability to share the cost of a single TYS subscription across Corporate Group members, should one be required. 

Each entity invited by you will receive an email asking them to register with TYS and join your Corporate Group. 

For companies that have a global or regional presence

Each entity will have its own Profile and relationships with the other entities is declared on the Corporate Relationships page

Each supplier can identify the other entities in their corporate group and invite them to the network as well

A subscription can be shared across a corporate group

Steps to set-up a relationship for your corporate group


Login to your TYS account

Identify corporate relationship

As part of your supplier profile, the corporate relationships page allows you to declare or identify any related entities in your global organization

Add Details

Select what type of relationship exists and fill in the business entity’s details, including company and contact information

Review & Publish

You will then need to publish this change to your profile so buyers can see it


The company contact receives an invitation email that asks them to join TYS on behalf of the supplier admin that invited them


Corporate Hierarchy FAQ

Yes, please refer to the supplier user guide found in the TYS application.
No, you do not. Both entities must be listed as part of the corporate group with the relationships confirmed. If one member of a corporate group purchases a TYS subscription, that subscription is shared with all members within the corporate group. There is no need for another member to buy a second subscription.
Not at this time, however you can download questionnaire responses that can be shared with other entities.
Currently, this feature is in development. Please check back for availability.