Supplier Digital Identity

Trust Your Supplier provides a single, trusted digital identity for suppliers to share with multiple buyers and business networks.

Single Digital Identity

One profile to share with many buyers. Supplier controls access.

Data is Sovereign

Information is owned & controlled by the supplier.

Data Is Secure

Blockchain Platform ensures your data is secure.

New Business Opportunities

Supplier profile is discoverable by buyers on the network.

Eliminate Redundancy

Connected clients will see updates instantly.

Marketplace of Services

Partner offerings provide solutions & services to enhance your business.

"The supplier will only have to register once with us, and if they have already registered with somebody else, we will simply extract that information from the system."

Mario Araya, BHP Billiton Drilling and Completion Strategy Manager

Standardized Questionnaires

Cross-industry questionnaires reduce workload to submit information to multiple customers.

Simple Steps to Join the TYS Network

Accept Invitation

Accept an invitation sent from a buyer on the TYS network

Publish Profile

Populate & publish your profile

Selectively Share

Complete questionnaires that you can share with selected buyers

Be Discovered

You are now discoverable by any buyer on the Trust Your Supplier network


Supplier Journey Video

Supplier Identity Control


A Supplier’s Perspective