The core of the TYS network is the relationship between buyers and suppliers. We refer to this relationship as a “connection”. A connection is formed when a buyer (typically a procurement organization) extends an invitation to a supplier and the supplier accepts this invitation. The act of acceptance informs TYS that a connection between the two parties has been made. Suppliers can (and should) connect to many buyers as this enhances the value to the supplier.
A profile is simply the way TYS collects and groups your data to present to a buyer. This can be most easily visualized from your Supplier Profile in the TYS application. All firmographic and questionnaire information constitutes the profile. This profile is necessarily specific to the business and country it is being operated in, and TYS is designed to accommodate organizations with multi-entity relationships, subsidiaries, parent companies, and a multi-national presence. Companies such as this typically require multiple profiles for each country or entity. Each of these profiles is included in the cost of your subscription, so you can create as many as needed at no additional cost.
Each time you connect to a buyer (via the “Accept Invitation” function) you initiate a connection. This establishes your connection count. Many organizations will have multiple profiles, so keep in mind any connection from any of your profiles will be part of your overall connection count. Subscriptions are charged at the company level, not the entity level. While different supplier profiles may need to be set-up for each legal entity, they do not incur an additional fee. Suppliers can connect/build these themselves through the use of the TYS corporate hierarchy function or have the entity at the country-level invite them. It may be more efficient to connect internally via a corporate hierarchy function. See the “Corporate Hierarchy” section in the supplier manual for more details.
Suppliers invited to TYS by one of our Governance Board or Founding members will get that first connection free of charge. Click here for a list of our Governance Board & Founding members.
Payment can be made by credit card for immediate payment or by using our Bill Me option, which generates an invoice with payment terms of net 30 days.

“TYS allows eCommQuest to set up one single, global identity that gives us accessibility to not just IBM’s buying community, but to the buying community of some of the most recognized brands in the world.”

John O’Donnell, eCommQuest